But I can do it myself cheaper…

We often get phone calls asking about our pricing and what is the best price we can do. Our answer is we offer discounts for students, teachers, military and service members. Our prices minus those discounts is usually the best we can do. Here is our reasoning why:

You are paying for a professional to do the job right.

We are accepting the risk of any damage caused during the repair and will replace any damage caused by us at no extra cost to you.

Your time is valuable too- we have had individuals attempt to perform the repairs on their own, only to come in after hours of frustration and even more damage.

We stand by our work. If we perform a repair and a week later it is broke again due to a faulty part, we will replace it again. All hardware related repairs come with at least a 30 day warranty.

We have invested thousands of dollars into software and tools to perform our services. In order to continue to improve our skills and training to offer you the best service there are many of these that need to be updated as time passes.

Questions to consider when asking family owned service businesses for discounts:

How much time and training has gone into learning their trade?

How much would it cost to purchase all the tools required?

How much headache am I saving by having them do the service? What is the stress free repair worth?


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