Commentluv Enabled Blogs

Commentluv is a wordpress plugin, which increases comments count in your blog. When you enter your website URL in comment section, this plugin fetches your recent posts, and lets you tag that post with your comment.

So this lets you to leave a backlink of your current post where you comment. This feature of commentluv increase the number of commentator on your blog.

This is being seen that peoples prefer commenting on commentluv enabled blog. That’s why commentluv is being used in many blogs. Blogger uses it to make their blog more social where visitors didn’t hesitate to comment. I have to force myself to comment where there is not commentluv plugin.

Probably you were thinking, why this is so important to comment? or why I should care for comments? Comments are the part of blogging. You just write your thought and how it feel when no one can express their views on your expressions. Comments are also used to build relationship among bloggers.

You can search more commentluv enabled blog and can make more comments. You don’t need any software or online tool to do this. You can do it with the Google. I am showing you how.

“this site uses commentluv”

Above keyword in Google will list out all the commentluv enabled blogs. If you want more specific and search for particular niche blogs simply add your niche before text, like below.

Programming “this site uses commentluv”

Above keyword will list all programming blogs which are commentluv enabled. Similarly you can replace your keyword with programming to search for them.

If you want search particular post which is written this year or past year and that has your keyword also, then you can use below search string.

This search string will return post which is posted in 2013 and has commentluv with Technology keyword.

You can use above strings to search for great commentluv enabled blogs and can encourage your relationships with bloggers.

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