Creating A Windows 8 Installation DVD

Microsoft Windows 8 comprises of a plethora of advanced and sophisticated features, which are unique to the operating system. Be it the Charms Bat, Metro UI interface, live tiles or the numerous advanced apps, the operating system provides an out of the box computing experience to the users.

The operating system, although doesn’t have a Start Menu, comprises of many other novel features. Moreover, if you compare the start up and boot time of Windows 8 with other OS versions like Windows XP and Vista, you’d find that the former takes only half the time to load up and boot as compared to others.

Several users however, call up tech support services to know about downloading Windows 8 in their systems. This is because most of them encounter error messages that block them from downloading and creating a Windows 8 installation DVD. Well, if you are also encountering issues in completing the Windows 8 download, you can consider the following instructions:

In the first step, you need to download the Windows 8 Installer from the official website of the company. Once you’ve successfully downloaded it onto your system, try running the tool. It is not necessary to use the same PC to test the tool. Well, it can also be a computer on which you’ve already downloaded the Windows 8 OS.
You may get a pop up that asks you to enter the license number. Here, you can type in the product key, which you would have got during the purchase of the OS.

After entering the product key, you will get an option that asks you to select the method by which you want to install Windows 8. Here, you need to click on the option that says Install by Creating Media.
Next, you’ll get an option to choose between a flash drive and an ISO file. For users who want to create a thumb drive, you can select the USB Flash Drive option and if you want to create a DVD, click on ISO File.
If you have chosen the second option i.e. ISO file, you will be able to burn the OS version to a DVD with a freeware program that can enable you to do so.
These steps can help you in successfully downloading Windows 8 to your computer and create an installation DVD. To get more information on the features of this operating system, you may contact our online tech support team.

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