Laptop Repair

Is your laptop running as well as when you bought it? do you have broken hinges or parts on the laptop? Hardware or software we can get it fixed.

Hard Drive Replacements and Upgrades

whether you are looking to replace a hard drive due to a failure or if you need more space, a new hard drive can breath new life into your computer.

Backup Services

Technology is great, but when it fails, what then? Do you have a copy of your important data? Is that copy current? Contact us today to see what backup options best fit your needs.

Keyboard Replacements

Missing keys? or have keys that no longer work very well? We can replace your keyboard and get you typing away as if the computer was new.

Screen Replacements

Have a broken screen on your laptop? Bring it in today to get it fixed. We fix touchscreens as well!

Virus Removal & Tune Ups

Is your computer running slow? Have unwanted popups or programs showing up on your computer? …


Over time software requirements change and your computer may be slower due to needing more resources. Contact us today to get the upgrades you need to continue functioning at optimal performance.


Whether it is a hardware or software issue we have the tools and expertise to properly diagnose the issue and solve the problem.