Black Screen Error in Windows 8

After the installation of Windows 8 operating system, one of the issues encountered by some users is the black screen that they see after logging on to the operating system. Once you turn on the computer, all you see is a black screen and you will not be able to view your desktop window or the start screen of the program. However, you will find the mouse cursor blinking on the black screen.

Many users think that some of the Windows apps running on full screen mode is creating this issue and press the Windows key and D together to move to the desktop window. However, this does not solve the Windows 8 problems associated with the black screen. Now, in this situation, you can fix the issue with the help of Task Manager of the program. Now, let us find out in detail how to fix this issue.

Issues with display drivers

Sometimes, the error comes up due to the display driver of the PC. If this is the case, you need to go to the official website of the graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers for the operating system. If your computer has the latest drivers installed, it is advisable that you reinstall it to fix the issue.

Go to safe mode

One of the best methods to fix the operating system problems is to go to the safe mode. The safe mode loads only minimum drivers and therefore, you will be able to find out the troubles of the PC in this mode. In order to load the safe mode of the operating system, you may use the F2, Del, F10 or F8 keys on the keyboard. Keep in mind that different PC manufacturers set different keys to access the safe mode. Once the PC is in safe mode, you may open the event viewer in the program and look what type of error has been reported.

Check for the USB flash drive

As you all know, a USB flash drive can be used as a bootable device. Therefore, if a USB flash drive is plugged on to the computer, it might try to boot from it and thus end up with the black screen. Therefore, check if there is a USB flash drive and remove it from the PC.

With the above steps, you can fix the Windows 8 problems that come up with the black screen. For further assistance, you may contact the Windows help center.

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