Remote computer support

Whether you find yourself in need of computer support in a remote location, on vacation or simply do not want to go through the hassle of disconnecting all the cords on your computer to bring it in we can assist you. As long as you have internet access we can connect to your computer remotely and you can sit back and relax while your computer is being repaired. Almost all software related problems can be fixed remotely and hardware can be diagnosed remotely as well. Problems we are unable to fix remotely: No bootable device Internet-related issues Screen/display issues Hardware issues We strive to resolve problems as quickly as possible. If it is deemed that your computer has a problem that we are unable to resolve remotely, we will stop our repair attempt and arrange for a trained technician to come to you to get the issue resolved. Unlike other computer shops, we will have all resources necessary available while the technician is there to ensure a fast and accurate resolution of your computer problems. If you have spoken with a representative, please proceed to join a session following the instructions provided by the tech. If you have not spoken to us, but would like to create a session so when a tech becomes available they can connect with you quicker, please click create a session and contact us so we are aware you are waiting.