Change settings BootKey, BootMenu,BootDelay and logo through MSDOS.SYS

After the previous article we discussed about setting bootgui, bootsafe and AutoScan, so in this article we continue with the setting BootKeys, BootMenu, BootDelay and logos in the windows settings. for the newly joined, please first read the article about MSDOS.SYS. To apply the settings on BootKeys, BootMenu, BootDelay and logos settings please open MSDOS.SYS in advance. then search the word BootKeyBootMenu, BootDelay and logo. Next please change the value according to the settings you want. Here is the criteria.

Setting BootKeys

When booting the computer, the user is allowed to select a boot option so that users can choose to boot into Windows, MSDOS, Safe mode, and others. This can be done when the user presses the F8 key just after System Configurations table appears on the monitor screen. MSDOS.SYS also likely to regulate whether or not received F8 key presses, ie on Bootkeys settings below:

BootKeys = 0

(emphasis accepted the F8 key)

BootKeys = 1

(presses the F8 key does not


Setting BootMenu

In connection with the booting process after the user presses the F8 key, it would appear like a boot menu options below:

Microsoft Windows 98 Start Up Menu

1. Normal

2. Logged (\ Bootlog.txt)

3. Safe Mode

4. Step-by-step Confirmation

5. Command Prompt Only

6. Safe Mode Command Prompt Only

The menu asks the user to choose which mode will be used in the booting process, whether normal, Safe mode or the other. BootMenu settings can also be added to the MSDOS.SYS to always display the above menu options, although the user does not press the F8 key.

BootMenu = 0

(the menu will not show even a user pressing F8)

BootMenu = 1

(menu always appear though the user does not press F8)

Setting BootDelay

Was also related to the topic above, given the lag time to the user to press the F8 key can also be arranged with MSDOS.SYS. Just fill in the BootDelay setting in MSDOS.SYS Option by the time readers want. By default given the lag time is 2 seconds. For example we want to make a pause time 4 seconds, then enter the following settings in the MSDOS.SYS:

BootDelay = 4

(Creating a 4-second intervals)

Setting Logo

At the beginning of booting the computer will automatically display that meet the Windows logo screen. With the Esc key presses Windows logo will disappear. But a few moments and then will appear again. And on reboot the computer when the Windows logo will appear again. Setting the logo in here play a role in this matter. Add Movie settings under the option to determine whether the Windows logo will appear or not appear permanently.

Logo = 1

(Logo of Windows will be displayed)

Logo = 0

(Windows Logo not displayed) If you add a logo setting = 0, then the Windows logo will not appear. There was only writing Starting Windows 98 … which appears after the System Configuration table. That’s the settings that you can use when trying to play with the file MSDOS.SYS. As a note to all remember, this file is the file system, setting errors will result in Windows not running normally, or even corrupt.

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