How To Adjust The Height And Width Of XP Start Menu

The Windows XP OS is one of the most successful MS operating systems. There had not been such an operating system before or after XP and there are millions of users still using it for its wonderful interface and features. The fact that keeps people away from the new operating systems is that none of its successors is designed like XP and is not as user friendly as XP is. However, Microsoft has decided to stop providing support for Windows XP as it gives more priority to its new product line like the Windows 8 OS, 8.1 and others.

Even though the support will be terminated for XP, people still use it and have many queries regarding certain features of the XP OS. One of the queries regarding Windows XP is that it does not have the option to resize the width and height of Start menu.  However, you could definitely adjust these to a certain extent. You can get help with this by contacting the Windows XP help and support team.

Check out these Windows XP help instructions given below.


Get Start menu customized

  • In Windows XP, if the Start menu is set as Default, from the Customize Start menu properties, you need to select Large Icons or Small Icons. This will help you to either increase or decrease the size of the Start menu.
  • You can access the Customize option by right clicking on Start menu and choose Properties . You should also ensure that the radio button of Start menu is chosen and then, select Customize.

About setting the button size

  • The Start Menu button size can even be increased or decreased and this can be done by altering the Windows buttons size using the Display Properties box. Simply, right click on the blank area on your desktop and choose Properties from the menu that appears on your screen. In the Appearance tab, you will find the option to adjust the font size of the Windows buttons.

You might think that altering the size of the taskbar will change the size of the Start menu. However, this is not so as, your Start menu remains intact, while you increase or decrease the size of your taskbar.

If you have any doubts regarding adjusting the size of your Start menu, contact the Windows XP help and support for assistance.

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