Shutting the POP3 process gap: popConnect 10

A POP3 connection allows numerous companies to resolve an real problem associated with downloading postal mail from exterior POP3 machines and providing it in order to Microsoft Trade Server or every other SMTP server. Usually, Microsoft Trade Server can’t download postal mail from exterior POP3 machines and, therefore, a POP3 Connection adds this kind of this functionality into it.
For every day jobs, a POP3 connector ought to be integrated along with antiSPAM as well as antivirus filters to be able to fully match the email protection needs associated with any company, whether little, medium or even big.
Nevertheless, many came across multiple issues with POP3 fittings that, eventually, transform an easy process of fetching emails right into a nightmare.

Among these types of problems I ought to mention:
– The e-mail are waiting around in queue quarter-hour, before they’re fetched. Therefore, the fetching has been processed from every quarter-hour. This is time intensive.
– The junk e-mail filters aren’t too dependable. Very couple of POP3 connectors can blacklist as well as filter-out unconfident email
– There tend to be roughly any kind of distribution guidelines
– There tend to be limits using the attachments (in addition to the SMTP server limitations), the attachments aren’t filters automatically and also the headers aren’t checked.
– Catch-All issue: brings within SPAM as well as email

Each one of these problems tend to be discussed as well as over-discussed upon various forums and also the solutions tend to be limited. No matter how big a organization, the previously discussed problems, imply time usage, security as well as vulnerabilities problems and long-lasting head aches.

With its completely new premium POP3 Connection, popConnect 10, Visendo is actually flawlessly shutting the space between you as well as your emails whilst solving each one of these issues and getting other features which are part associated with any complicated email entrance. popConnect 10, remains the POP 3 Connector when it comes to price as well as usability whilst enhancing sophisticated features that certain, usually, discovers with complicated email gateways:
– Filtering: anti-SPAM, anti-VIRUS plug ins, keywords blocking
– Attachment removing, header examine, blacklisting
– Postmaster notices, RSS (e-mail forwarder), SSL assistance
– Rule motor (submission), incorporated scheduler, working
– Multiple SMTP machines support
– Active Listing integration
– APOP assistance, GMAIL assistance
– Database confirming
– Single/Catch just about all accounts
– Server Aspect Integration

Therefore, Visendo popConnect 10 may be the ultimate POP3 connection that, really, plays the actual role of the Email Gateway and it is targeted from small as well as medium businesses.

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