Tips for Fixing Windows Explorer Crashes

Windows Explorer is the native file explorer software in any Windows OS. This is what people use to see and access their files and folders. It’s the easiest and most user friendly way for someone to be able to handle their stored data. One of the common problems associated with its use is encountering a pop up message that says Windows Explorer has stopped working. Now if you’re really serious about your file expiring activity, this would definitely put you off. Rest assured there’s a fix that you can easily apply.

  • See if the computer you’re using has a reliable antivirus installed on it. Run this on your PC and scan to see if there’s anything that poses a threat to the system, or the files on it. If you don’t have an antivirus setup yet, get one at the earliest. Check out free and paid options online and select one according to preference. Install and update it, then take care of any infection that you can find.
  • Hit the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, and choose the My Computer Find the drive where Windows is installed and right click it. Select Properties. Most computers have this in Drive C.
  • Move to the Tools tab in the properties dialog, and check under the Error-checking section for the Check Now Click this and select the options you need. Choose the right ones before hitting Start.
  • Set up the disk check for when the OS is running. This will make sure that the scan starts automatically when the PC boots the next time.
  • Hit the Start button and type in msconfig. Launch the utility by selecting the first result which comes up.
  • Move to the Startup tab and get rid of any excessive or useless entries there. If you can’t delete, just disable instead. See if the antivirus is disabled in this space, because if it is, that might be causing the Windows Explorer has stopped working error message to pop up. Leave the option checked.
  • Go to the Services tab and choose the Hide all Microsoft services option you find at the bottom. This will show just the third party services. Disable these and restart the computer.

That was on how to take care of Windows Explorer crashing for no reason. You could also try out an alternative file manager.

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