Windows IoT Support

Microsoft announced some time back that Windows 10 would be a platform capable of running on a “diverse set of IoT devices.” They promised to deliver as much, too, and so far, the Lumia phones have been pretty OK. Now, they have offered up Windows 10 for the Internet of Things and an Azure IoT suite.

The decision to start a Windows branch in the cloud computing platform announced at a Convergence 2015 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The company says this would give users a single version of Windows that encompasses all universal apps, each with their different drivers. Windows 10 for IoT will have the same span over a wide range of devices, including low-footprint controllers like gateways, as well as more powerful machines like ATMs and robots. More on this can probably be found on the Windows support number.

Another way to see this platform is as the next Embedded version of Windows. The last popular one among ATMs was Windows XP Embedded, with many banks having shunned subsequent versions. However, the latest version is different in that it is going to be connected to the cloud fully, including the analytics.

The Convergence 2015 conference also saw Microsoft announce its Azure IoT Suite, which will give apps for the ‘common’ IoT settings, including remote monitoring, asset management and predictive maintenance.

Some of this will be the Azure Stream Analytics, which the company will be making available as an independent service. Azure IoT Suite is right now in the preview stage, due for GA later in the year. CEO Satya Nadella said at the Convergence that stream analytics would improve machine learning in many ways.

The preview ability was announced for 40 markets of the Power BI cloud self-service for Excel and Office 365, accompanied by GA of the Office Delve product, which comes under Office 365. This last one is the document discovery application in the online suite of productivity programs, which connects to networks like Exchange and Yammer. Users can probably get more details on this over the Windows support number.

True to the online collaboration milieu, the software maker will also publicize a preview for the business version of Skype client. This was previously Lync under the company’s offering. Availability will hit the general public in Office 365 by next month.

Other releases included IT professional and developer previews of the Office 2016, for which GA is scheduled for the second half of the year. Changes introduced in this include outlook and deployment. The company also took the chance to tout the apparently unchanged macros.

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