Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 Developer Preview has already been released. Many users with the excitement to use the new Windows breed downloaded the pre-beta version on the very first day. To their surprise the Windows operating system has been changed and improved a lot with Microsoft’s new endeavor-Windows 8! Windows 8 thus gives the Windows operating system the trendy new generation look.

However, together with plenty of improvements, the OS has its share of Windows 8 problems. For instance, if you have installed Windows 8 on your computer, you would have noticed that Google Chrome crashes many a times in Windows 8. There are many users out there distressed with the same trouble in Windows 8 with the Chrome browser crashing too many times within 20 minutes. There is a way to solve this issue and it will be helpful in the new version of Windows. Let’s get into it.

Google Chrome crashes several times when there are software installed on your computer with which Chrome is not that friendly. Please try to update, reinstall, disable or uninstall these software given below if you have it installed on your computer.

  • ContentWatch
  • Microsoft Office XP Input Method Editor
  • Naomi Web Filter
  • Trusteer Rapport
  • Hide My IP
  • Venturi Firewall
  • PPLive
  • Internet Download Manager
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus only 2.7 version
  • iS3 anti-spyware (STOPzilla)
  • NVIDIA Network Access Manager and NVIDIA nTune
  • WinMount
  • FolderSize

Solutions for these Windows 8 problems

If you follow the setup below, you can get your Chrome work great.

  • Click on the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop.
  • Add “–no-sandbox” or “–in-process-plugins” in Target field.
  • Click “Apply” and start Google Chrome again.

If these steps do not solve your Windows 8 problems, then chances are there for an issue with one of the Windows file named “winhttp.dll”. In that case, try out the following instructions.

  • Click on the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop.
  • In Target field add “–new-http”.
  • Click “Apply” and try starting your Google Chrome again.

So, it’s obvious that the Windows 8 issues are easy to solve once you get the right procedure to do it. As it’s just the developer preview of Windows 8, errors and issues are expected as with any other OS.