Payment processors

There are many times that accepting no cash payments are necessary. Here is a list of processors that we have found reliable and ones that we use here at MY-PC-ER.   square Stripe Waveapps  

Change settings BootKey, BootMenu,BootDelay and logo through MSDOS.SYS

After the previous article we discussed about setting bootgui, bootsafe and AutoScan, so in this article we continue with the setting BootKeys, BootMenu, BootDelay and logos in the windows settings. for the newly joined, please first read the article about MSDOS.SYS. To apply the settings on BootKeys, BootMenu, BootDelay and logos settings please open MSDOS.SYS in advance. then search the word BootKey, BootMenu, BootDelay and logo. Next please change the value according to the settings you want. Here is the criteria. Setting

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About editing MSDOS.SYS

This article was originally posted on and we have reposted it here for reference in case anyone still needs it. This time we try to recognize a file system located in the directory C: \ with a size of about 2 kilobytes. This file is closely related to the Windows boot process because it contains a variety of settings that need to be run by the operating system and what does

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Historical Development Applications and Types of Unix

UNIX is a computer operating system developed by AT & T Bell Labs in the 1960s and 1970s. UNIX operating system designed as a portable, multi-tasking and multi-user. BSD is a derivative (variant) of Unix developed by the University of California, Berkeley. Unix operating system is widely used both as a server or workstation. Unix architecture and model client / server is the most important element in the development of

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But I can do it myself cheaper…

We often get phone calls asking about our pricing and what is the best price we can do. Our answer is we offer discounts for students, teachers, military and service members. Our prices minus those discounts is usually the best we can do. Here is our reasoning why: You are paying for a professional to do the job right. We are accepting the risk of any damage caused during the

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