Increase Laptop Battery Life

Laptop battery resistance is very important to support the work you do. to improve the durability or duration of laptop battery do some steps below:

Step 1

Turn off your Internet connections when you don’t need it. It will increase the battery usage and life.

Step 2

If you don’t use your laptop or computer for a small period of time, then simply put your computer in sleep mode or standby.

Step 3

And If you are not using your computer for a long period of time, then put your machine (computer or laptop) on hibernate mode.

Step 4

For better your system’s battery life and performance use a quality computer fan or cooler to reduce the heatness in the system.

Step 5

And if you are planning to go outside either for trips or any other purpose like vacations, proper storage needed for your laptop.

Step 6

And also try to store your laptop in a cool, dry place when you are outside. This habit will give you more performance when you came back to your home or office.

Step 7

Cool down your laptop or computer when you feel, that your machine showing busy.
This will enhance battery life and performance.

Step 8

Clean up your hard drive with better software like CCleaner or Microsoft Disk Cleanup. And make your habit for Disk Defragmentation for drive after two or three days.

Step 9

By decreasing your screen brightness to level low. It’s better for your own eyes and also enhance battery life.

Step 10

Try, to not use a laptop in heat conditions. It takes more battery power.

Step 11

When you are working on laptop never place at bed or pillow directly, this will increase heats inside the laptop and fan work faster, and this will affects in reduction of battery life.

Step 12

When you see a message like your laptop charging in full, unplug charger from power. Don’t over charge your battery. This decrease life of battery.

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