Understanding and Troubleshooting Common Errors of Norton Antivirus

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Empowering Parents Y MY-PC-ER Spanish

Paso 1: Vaya a https://empoweringparents.idaho.gov/ Paso 2: Acceda a su cuenta Paso 3: Vaya a Marketplace y busque MY-PC-ER Paso 4: Solicite la inscripción Paso 5: […]

Empowering Parents and MY-PC-ER English

Step 1: Go to https://empoweringparents.idaho.gov/  Step 2: Sign in to account Step 3: Go to Marketplace and search MY-PC-ER Step 4: Request Enrollment Step 5: Have […]

Protecting Data on Computers From the Flashdisk Copy Paste

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Tricks to View PDF Fit on the Screen

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External Hard Drives

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Norton Online Backup

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Change Settings Bootgui Autoscan and Bootsafe Through Msdos sys

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How to Prevent Registry Import

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Computer Viruses

Types of VPNs

Types of VPNs A Virtual Private Network refers to either a service or a network that is configured for the purpose of protecting private or sensitive […]

Types of Viruses

Types of Viruses A virus is a fragment of code embedded in a legitimate program. Virus are self-replicating and are designed to infect other programs. They […]

5 Stages of Technology Adoption

5 Stages of Technology Adaptation Technology grows fast and changes often. Many of the tools we are using every day to do business complete tasks at […]

Increase Laptop Battery Life

Increase Laptop Battery Life Laptop battery life is very important to support the work you do. to improve the durability or duration of laptop battery do […]

Reasons to Switch to a Flash Storage Server

Reasons to Switch to a Flash Storage Server The current data-driven world demands high-reliability servers that can eventually handle a huge amount of data without affecting […]

The pros of using cloud based email marketing software

Email marketing has grown in popularity recently, due to the effective results it provides to businesses. Upon research, you will discover that the majority of organizations […]

Five tips to get the best VPN Service

Five tips to get the best VPN Service The VPN is an internet service that is required to enter the sites where you want to reach […]

Fixing the Issues With the Wireless Mouse in Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Mouse Troubleshooting If you are pressing and holding the pairing button on your mouse for over 10 seconds with no response from your […]

XP End of Life

Windows 7 End of Life

The Importance of a Good Computer Repair Company

When trouble with your computer arises you need a computer company that you can trust and will not charge you for unnecessary “repairs”. Here are 3 […]

Hiding Your Disk Partition

Privacy is the most important thing that everyone wants when using computer or laptop. Everyone wants to keep their personal files and folders hidden or wants […]

Web Traffic

You must attract web site traffic if you want to survive in online business. It becomes easier to build your business if you succeed in drawing […]

Epson Printer Support

​Epson is a leading printer company that’s identified for offering a wide range of featured printers for special users, starting from inkjet printers to all in […]

Laptop Data Backup

Laptop Data Backup If you ended up to take a look at past data concerning the information that has been misplaced with reference to notebook computers, […]

Computer Accessibility

Introduction For persons with physical, sensory, and/or cognitive disabilities, computers can provide a whole new realm of independence. Computer hardware and software can speak for non-verbal […]

Hard Drive Shredding – A Complete Overview

Hard drive shredding is an essential part of disposing of your business’s confidential data that can be misused if not disposed of properly. Many people are […]

Facebook Account Security

There’s always a low buzz on social media about account “hacking”, where unknown individuals are able to get ahold of account login information and post things […]

HP Computer Support

Are you looking for HP (Hewlett Packard) Laptop or Desktop Support? You have come to the right place. Call the toll free number above to speak […]

Dell Printer Support

Printers became a necessity for all laptop and computer users because they’re required to get print outs of work like documents and projects. Amongst the brand […]

Types of Computer Viruses

Different Types of Viruses The following are the different types of viruses : Program/File infector computer virus Means of Infection This virus infects which contain code […]

Norton 360 Support

Norton 360 Technical Support for Computers and Mobile Devices Norton Antivirus is a popular brand developed by Symantec Corporation that has gain popularity globally as a […]

Norton Antivirus Support

Norton Antivirus is one of the renowned names in online internet security service providers developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation. The Norton Antivirus provides strong protection […]

Using Norton for Facebook Viruses

Facebook is a renowned social media website that is used by millions of users globally. Facebook has a bunch of customers as it is popular among […]

Why Get Antivirus?

If you’ve ever bought a Windows computer from any major retailer, you know that most of them come with a pre-installed antivirus program, such as McAfee, […]

Gmail Support Information

If you are faced with a technical error in your email account, the user can go to the Gmail support page for help at any time. […]


The time of XP is long gone. If you are still running XP it is time to look at your upgrade options. Reach out to us […]

Tips for Fixing Windows Explorer Crashes

Windows Explorer is the native file explorer software in any Windows OS. This is what people use to see and access their files and folders. It’s […]

Protection for Your PC

In today’s growing technology world, cybercrime has increased quickly, as more and more virus threats are attacking the internet every day. If it does not take […]

Checking System Compatibility for Windows 8

Windows XP is no longer a supported OS and Windows 7’s Mainstream Support period has already expired. This leaves Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 as the […]

Quicken Update Problem with Bank

Quicken is one of the most effective financial management tools, as it comes with advanced ranges of features in offering. Using this tool gives you a […]

Boosting Computer Startup Speed

Computer startup speed is one of the main concerns among users these days. People are looking for more ways to get the OS to boot faster, […]

Windows IoT Support

Microsoft announced some time back that Windows 10 would be a platform capable of running on a “diverse set of IoT devices.” They promised to deliver […]

Quicken Won’t Download Transactions

One needs to use Quicken carefully, as this financial management system comes with wide ranges of features as well as options in offering. It gives complete […]

Support for Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe lets you to securely manage your passwords and access your favorite site faster. It is designed simple and to use easily, it saves […]

How To Install Norton

If you are wanting a step by step on how to install Norton Antivirus and have been unable to find that from Norton directly, you are […]

Disable Norton Antivirus

Regularly installing new software or program is necessary for any successful business. It helps in enhancing most of the programs, business performance, and increases productivity as […]

Change settings BootKey, BootMenu,BootDelay and logo through MSDOS.SYS

After the previous article we discussed about setting bootgui, bootsafe and AutoScan, so in this article we continue with the setting BootKeys, BootMenu, BootDelay and logos in the windows settings. for the […]

About editing MSDOS.SYS

This article was originally posted on computer-supports.com and we have reposted it here for reference in case anyone still needs it. This time we try to […]

The Function and Status in Computer Processors

In this article will discuss the Computer Support function and status in kompuer processing. As we know that the brain of the computer is processing.Pro cessor executes computer programs. Processor is […]

Historical Development Applications and Types of Unix

UNIX is a computer operating system developed by AT & T Bell Labs in the 1960s and 1970s. UNIX operating system designed as a portable, multi-tasking […]

But I can do it myself cheaper…

We often get phone calls asking about our pricing and what is the best price we can do. Our answer is we offer discounts for students, […]

Different Drive Types and Why It Matters

There are currently three main types of consumer digital storage devices: Standard hard drives, hybrid hard drives, and solid state hard drives. Here, we can help […]

Four Cool Functionalities of Modern Security Systems

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How to disable Cortana

How to Completely Turn Off Cortana from Windows 10 (2018)     Microsoft released the final version of Windows 10 back in 2015, and along with […]

The Ins And Outs Of A CRM Software Solution

Starting out in the online world can be daunting if you aren’t completely up to speed with the technical jargon. As you are aware, in any […]

The History of Bluetooth Technology

Radios and television broadcast too many people over many miles. Bluetooth technology just sends information to your personal space. This personal space is called PAN, Personal […]

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Northwest computer repair crew 2011

gotomanage api extending functionality with pql paglo

Roche innovative multi-touch environment for scientific decision support

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Online File Storage and Backup

Dropbox- Feel free to check out dropbox and sign up for an account here- https://db.tt/9gNCxJfPrP

Making SEO Work for You in the Age of the Connected Consumer

His majority of search engine users are inclined to click on one of the top five items appearing on the search engine results page. That’s a […]


Are a person informing individuals about your company by advertising it on the internet? You will consider this process for those who have not however attempted […]

Quicken 2018 Home and Business

Whether you want to efficiently manage your personal transactions, small businesses, or rental properties; the Quicken 2018 would provide you all the features and facilities to […]

Commentluv Enabled Blogs

Commentluv is a wordpress plugin, which increases comments count in your blog. When you enter your website URL in comment section, this plugin fetches your recent […]

Things to Consider Before Buying a Laser Cutter

Learning the Secrets About Professionals

Payment processors

There are many times that accepting no cash payments are necessary. Here is a list of processors that we have found reliable and ones that we […]

Google Redirect Virus

The Google Redirect Virus has been around for a few years now. Nevertheless, it still proves a force to be reckoned with for many innocent internet […]

Running PowerEraser from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager or SymDiagram Tool

To resolve issues with heavily infected Windows computers, Power Eraser provides aggressive scanning and analysis. Power Eraser analysis is an aggressive tool, most of the time […]

What People Disliked About Windows 8

There are many things about Windows 8 which leave it an almost perfect OS. The sheer number of these is what users find frustrating, because this […]


The actual 400-101 evaluation certification, because other world-renowned accreditation, will obtain international acknowledgement and popularity. People all over the world prefer 400-101 examination certification to create […]


In common, people don’t prefer to wait, wherever they’re, whatever they’re doing. Everywhere we’re, we see impatient individuals cutting the actual line. It’s within the human’s’ […]


Ideal with regard to Enterprise WAN aggregation or company environments, Cisco 7600 series may be the industry’s very first carrier-class advantage router to provide integrated, high-density […]


If you want to work along with JPEG picture format you need to know a a bit more about this. JPEG compression can be used in […]

Windows Booting and Startup Errors

If your computer has errors when your start it up, this might indicate a far bigger problem. We will fix these errors and get to the […]

Windows Update Errors

This service helps you with computers that are not updating properly. We all know that computers update for a good reason. If it does not update, […]

Ransomware/Cryptolocker Removal

A very prevalent form of infection that literally hostages your computer and its files, rootkits and cryptolockers are perhaps one of the most annoying. We will […]

Rootkit Removal

A more complex type of infection that hides itself in the system that will run certain programs and processes that are not normally detected. Rootkits allow […]

Complex Virus Removal

This will help you remove stubborn viruses that your antivirus cannot remove. Typically computers that have been infected will display certain symptoms. We will diagnose it and […]

Slow PC Troubleshooting

If you’ve ever experienced working on your computer and clicked on something but it takes ages for something to happen, then you might have a slow […]

Printer Installation and Troubleshooting

This services includes network printer issues such as wired and wireless configuration. This also includes driver installation and troubleshooting for errors.   Do you have a […]

Windows Error/ Action Center Error Removal

This service will fix errors caused by your Windows system. Usually these are caused by missing dlls or services. This is different from startup errors, which are […]

Email Configuration

This service will help you setup your email so you can receive them on your email client such as Outlook, Windows Mail and Thunderbird.   If […]

Spyware/Pop-up Removal

This will look for the programs and services that cause pop ups on your computer and remove them. There is nothing more annoying than popups, so […]

Malware/ Unwanted Program Removal

This service will look into the programs you have accumulated in your computer and make sure that they are needed at all. If not, then we […]

PC Tune Up

This service is an all-inclusive cleanup of your computer.A computer is like a car that needs periodic maintenance. Like a car, you don’t buy a computer […]

Consultation and Customer Education

This covers basic to advanced questions that you might have about how to maximize the use of your computer.    It also covers things like internet […]

Simple Software Installation

Is software installation really that easy? Ideally, yes. But in reality, software installation is a mixed bag. There are times when it only takes a few […]

How does Touch Screen Technology bring a Revolution in the Market

We live in an era of technology where everything that seemed nigh-miraculous before can be now possible to put into practice. The evolved technology landed us […]

Easy to Follow Computer Maintenance Tips

You might think that computer maintenance, or at least keeping your computer running smoothly is complicated. The truth is, it doesn’t! There are some simple things […]


Cj5 Service Manual .. 1994 Mazda Miata Owners Manual .. Hofmann 660 Brake Lathe Instruction Manual .. Agilent 1100 Series Lc Msd Manual Sl .. Field […]

Black Screen Error in Windows 8

After the installation of Windows 8 operating system, one of the issues encountered by some users is the black screen that they see after logging on […]

Creating A Windows 8 Installation DVD

Microsoft Windows 8 comprises of a plethora of advanced and sophisticated features, which are unique to the operating system. Be it the Charms Bat, Metro UI […]


When I heard about the LAN as well as VLAN for the very first time, I possess nothing idea about this. What could it be, and […]

Computer Hardware

Hardware for computer frameworks comprises of the individual computer itself, the screen, console, printer, mouse and speakers. There can be hardware inside the individual computer such […]

Data Backups

“Have you backed up your records?” This is an inquiry I frequently ask my customers. I am a computer troubleshooter and individuals telephone me when they […]

Remote Support

With the best Microsoft Certified computer technicians, MY-PC-ER can help provide hassle-free computer repair services that can nurse your computers back to the peak of health […]

Virus Removal

Every last computer client would have encountered the disappointing circumstance when a computer gets tainted with virus. Virus is a vindictive project that has the ability […]

Computer Repair Options

With innumerable computers in the contemporary customer way of life, it’s unavoidable that we’ll experience issues with them eventually amid their use. Regardless of whether this […]

No Viruses Does Not Mean No PC Problems

Computers are used for virtually everything nowadays. It is used by millions of people for work and play.  But computers live a hard life, much like […]

Reviving Your Old System with Windows 8

Microsoft, one of the world’s topmost software companies in the world, has gained the reputation of offering some of the best software products for the customers […]

Shutting the POP3 process gap: popConnect 10

A POP3 connection allows numerous companies to resolve an real problem associated with downloading postal mail from exterior POP3 machines and providing it in order to […]

Windows 7 vs. Windows 8

Microsoft, one of the world’s topmost software companies in the world, has gained the reputation of offering some of the best software products for the customers […]

The significance of Strong and Safe Computer Information Storage

Have you been thinking regarding computer information storage? Because using the rainy period approaching, your back-up computer files may be the one thing between safe records […]

Enabling Cookies in Windows Vista

A cookie is a small text file saved by a specific website with relevant information about its web page preferences and settings saved by the user. […]

How To Adjust The Height And Width Of XP Start Menu

The Windows XP OS is one of the most successful MS operating systems. There had not been such an operating system before or after XP and […]

How to adjust the height and width of XP start menu (double)

Even though the support has been terminated for XP, people still use it and have many queries regarding certain features of the XP OS. One of […]

How To Adjust The Height And Width Of XP Start Menu (triple)

The Windows XP OS is one of the most successful MS operating systems. There had not been such an operating system before or after XP and […]

How to Remove Tango Toolbar Virus

Do you know what Tango Toolbar Virus is? If your computer is infected by Tango Toolbar Virus, do you know what to remove the virus? Here […]

Easy Ways To find the Best Firewalls Within 2012

You should have the firewall on your pc, because they’re needed for that security of the computer, so this short article will take a look at […]

FBI Moneypak Computer virus Sweeping Throughout Nation

Computer security is a lot more susceptible and delicate than a few Windows users wish to think. Irrespective, all which schemers at the rear of such […]

HD Media Players

HD media players and all these things that are related to video and audio technology are available online and also available in number of different stores […]

Web Traffic Report

The volume of web site traffic plays a key role in the success or failure of an online business. The larger the volume, the greater are […]

Increasing Web Traffic

So you need to increase traffic to your website? Buy web site traffic is an option you may not have thought of. When you buy web […]

Website Traffic Report

The success of an online business depends largely on the volume of traffic its web site can attract. Even as there are a number of ways, […]

Dell XPS 14z latest super-slim laptop with a thickness of 0.9 Inches

Dell XPS 14z Review Did you ever see the Macbook Pro from Apple? Now has a new rival product made ​​by Dell. Dell recently released its […]


Local Internet Providers Web Online Website Designing Windows Dedicated Servers Website Development Articles work from home Work-at-Home Success Local Internet Providers Web Online Website Designing Windows […]

Free Antivirus Scans and Tools – How to Choose the Best

All computer literature emphasizes the need for virus protection on a system. For some, however, commercial programs are too expensive. Free antivirus software is an attractive […]

Windows Registry

The Windows registry is a database of all configuration settings in Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 […]


It seems that no sooner do you feel safe turning on your computer than you hear on the news about a new kind of internet security […]


In computing, a patch is a software update meant to fix problems with a computer program. This can range from fixing bugs, to replacing graphics, to […]


Anti-virus software consists of computer programs that attempt to identify, thwart and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software (malware). Anti-virus software typically uses two different […]


In computing, a firewall is a piece of hardware and/or software which functions in a networked environment to prevent some communications forbidden by the security policy, […]

Fact Sheet on Computer Access + Welcome to Access Computer

Fact Sheet on Computer Access Introduction For persons with physical, sensory, and/or cognitive disabilities, computers can provide a whole new realm of independence. Computer hardware and […]

AI PC REPAIR + AI PC REPAIR: Remote PC Repair by Experts + Windows Server Welcome

Welcome to A1PCREPAIR.COM   Thanks for stopping by!! A1 PC REPAIR want’s you to enjoy your P.C..So look around our site we can help . Good help […]